Writing Article Content for Search Engine Marketing

Writing articles and submitting them to blogs and article sites is a great way to gradually improve your search engine marketing. Search Engines look for good quality content to serve to searchers which is specific and relavant to the phrases people are searching. By writing articles, blog posts and reviews you have a better chance at capturing visitors from those searches.

As with all search engine marketing, content is the core element of article marketing. Your reader searching for advice, reviews, or general information and is looking for an expert on the subject. Your information has to be accurate, professional, original and well written. If you produce quality articles, you will establish yourself as online as an expert on the subject, which will make it easier to sell your products and services online.

When you write articles, blog posts and product reviews you have an opportunity to use the keywords that your target market would use. By placing relevant keywords in the text of your content, you will help search engines classify and rank your website, page or blog. This will gradually improve search engine indexing and ranking of your website overall. When you submit your articles to article websites or other blogs, be sure to include a couple links back to your main website or specific product pages. This will help establish your website as an authority site, which will help your search engine rankings. But make sure only to place links to relevant pages on your site, it does little good to link to unrelated content.

TIP- Make sure to use highly targeted keywords at the beginning and at the end of the article. Make sure your headlines and title contain relevant keywords as well. If possible make use of and tags appropriately.

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Published: December 5th, 2009 by Chris Chong | Categories: Search Engine Marketing | Tags: Search Engine Marketing
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