Wilsonville Marketing

AuraDev is a web design and marketing company located in Wilsonville Oregon.

Our specialty is helping companies connect with customers online through web design and search engine optimization.

We study how people use the internet and how search engines rank websites, then apply that experience to design a website that your customers will find user friendly and that potential customers will find on search engines when looking for a specific type of product or service.

Search Engine Optimization can tend to be a black box service, we take pride in the fact that we will be teaching you the basics as we go, so that you are informed of what we are doing on the site and what methods we are using to position your site in the search engine ranks.

Google has developed a complex algorithm that they use to sort the relevancy of websites to a search phrase.  By crafting the design and content of your website, we can cause Google to flag your website as relevant.  This is particularly important because its Google’s job to show searchers websites that are relevant to what they are searching for.  If they didn’t, no one would use Google.  Our job is to follow known guidelines of what Google looks for to determine the relevancy of a web site.  They don’t publish this data, the only way to find out about it is to do “experiments” and monitor the results.  If you are constantly revising and tweaking websites like we do, you start to see patterns and trends, and you get pretty good at knowing what factors Google is looking at when determining the rank of a website in the search results.

If you are located in Wilsonville, we’d like to talk to you about marketing and how we could help your company grow.  Often times our services pay for themselves in new business leads.  If you are interested in finding out how we could help your company, call 503 830 4313 to schedule a meeting or email info@auradev.com.

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