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Managing an event for your business or organization is difficult enough with out the logistics of dealing with registration, payment and attendee tracking. Vertical Response recently launched an event management tool that will enable you to do online ticket sales, track registrations and communicate with event attendees.

The user interface is very simple. If you can do Facebook, you’ll have no problem using the event management tool to promote your event and sell tickets. I just finished testing it and I was able to create a great looking, fully functional event promotion and registration page in about 20 minutes. Click here to see my sample event.

vertical response events

Advertising an event and selling tickets with Vertical Response is easy!

Here is how simple it is to create an event and sell tickets online:

  1. Signup for an account – don’t worry they offer a free trial
  2. Use their simple, menu driven interface to input your event details such as description, date and location.
  3. Create your ticket classes and set pricing, set quantities if applicable
  4. You can promote free events at no cost! Great for non profits and churches
  5. Upload your logo and cut and paste your sales text
  6. Click publish and start selling

It really is that simple. In under an hour you can have a great looking event promotion and registration page. You’ll get a URL you can use for offline promotion. The best part is that the system also provides tremendous real time reporting so you can check in on attendance at any time.

You can also Vertical Response to send out invitations to your email list. Simply pick one of there great looking templates, cut and paste your sales text, hit send and let their automated registration and payment system handle all the registrations.

Want to sell tickets to your event though your Facebook page? There’s an app for that.

You can easily integrate with Facebook using the VerticalResponse Events Facebook App. This will allow you to promote and sell directly from your Facebook page.

Vertical Response makes it easy to manage all of your events registration and marketing details. No more dealing with separate vendors and spreadsheets for sales, marketing and event registration.

Click here for a full featured free trial.

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