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Update: Dozens of people from outside of Oregon have been finding this web-page and requesting tutoring.  I want to highlight that we can do phone/remote tutoring through Log Me In, a software that allows us to control your computer while you watch.  With Log Me In we can speak over the phone and I can control your mouse and keyboard as if I were sitting next to you.  I have successfully done this with many clients, it is a very popular and convenient option. – Chris Chong, President

AuraDev is a web design, seo, sem and internet marketing firm based in Wilsonville Oregon.

For those do it yourself types or those just interested in learning the ropes of website design and internet marketing, AuraDev offers expert website tutoring at an hourly rate of $65.

We have many clients that prefer to update and maintain their own websites, but get “stuck” from time to time.  They don’t need high priced web redesign proposals, they just need an hour or two with an expert website tutor.

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We have a great relationship with customers who just need a little website tutoring from time to time.

Typically we spend a couple hours a month, one on one teaching web design tips and tricks you don’t find in the Dreamweaver or Frontpage instruction manual.  It is mostly little things, but those little things add up to a lot of time savings when you have an expert advisor sitting right next to you… guiding you through the intricacies of web design.

In your personalized website tutoring sessions you are the boss.  Simply tell us what you want to learn and what questions you have.  We’ll be able to identify where you are at almost immediately and start building upon your existing web design knowledge.

A great example of our website tutoring is Bill Berry of Berry Media Works.  Bill is an expert video producer who just needed a little help putting his website together, dealing with code, CSS, flash and learning how to stream video over the web.  After about 6 2 hour sessions Bill had the skills and training needed to put together a fantastic website,

“Chris Chong, the founder of AuraDev is a great teacher.  He is very patient and knows how to communicate in a way that makes sense to me.  In the process of building my website it was great to have a reliable web design consultant who really knows what he is doing and isn’t overpriced.

There definitely was a learning curve and Chris helped me get my site up and going, saving me time and headache.  It is good to have a web design and internet marketing expert to advise me on the best way to implement my web marketing ideas.  Now that I’ve got the basics down, I just keep a log of all the questions and things I can’t figure out, and have Chris come over to my home office once a month to go thru it.

As a result of my efforts plus a little website tutoring from AuraDev, I’ve been able to connect with customers locally, nationally and internationally as a direct result of Chris’s internet marketing ideas.  Thanks Chris for solid web marking advice and taking the time to enable me to maintain and expand my website.”  Bill Berry, Berry Media Works

A personal note from Chris Chong, President of AuraDev:

I have a passion for helping others build their business.  The internet is a relatively new and extremely fast changing marketing medium that has the potential to place your message in front of millions almost immediately and for an extremely low cost (compared to print, radio and TV).  Staying on top of quickly changing trends and learning which factors will cause one web site to rank higher than another for a specific search term has enabled me to help others connect with customers online.

All of the search engine optimization (seo) and search engine marketing (sem) methods we use are implemented and refined using our very own website as a guinea pig.   Many of our clients choose to be on seo retainer plans, so when we come up with an effective new strategy, it gets implemented across our client base within three months.

If you are willing to put in a few hours per week marketing yourself, I will gladly tell you our search engine optimization secrets in our website tutoring sessions.  The bottom line is that to get good search engine rankings, you or your sem consultant must be diligent and consistent: willing to put in the time to craft unique content and revise it multiple times until it both ranks well on search engines and compels a potential customer to contact you.

Hard-working hands gain control, but lazy hands do slave labor. Proverbs 12.24

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