Web Hosting

More features, less SPAM.  At AuraDev we understand your website is a critical component of your business.  We offer rock-solid web hosting for websites of all sizes.  Our Shared C-Panel Web Hosting and VPS Web Servers come with simple 100% Up-time Guarantees.  If you notice any downtime, the month is free.

Shared C-Panel Web Hosting

User-friendly web hosting for:

  • Blogs & Personal Web Sites
  • Mirco Sites
  • Online Photo Albums

VPS Web Servers

100% Up-time Guarantee:

  • Small Business Web Hosting
  • Consulting Sites
  • Small Web Storefronts

VPS Cloud Servers

Dedicated Flexibility, Fully Scalable:

  • Root Access VPS Servers
  • Full Control of Hosting Environment
  • Scalable on Demand

Dedicated Web Servers

Total Control for:

  • Mid to Large Size Companies
  • Resource Intensive Websites
  • Video & Game Servers
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