web developer wilsonville oregon

AuraDev is a web devloper (development) firm in wilsonville oregon.

Today I was reviewing my Google Analytics Content Drilldown and Keyword report to see what keywords bring in visitors who look at multiple pages of my website.

I look at the Keywords report and filter by pages per visit.  Then I manually checked each keyword in google to see where my web site ranks.

The phrase that has the highes pages per visit is web developer wilsonville oregon.

Website development is one of our four key services.  Web Design, Web Development, Web Hosting and SEO are our specialties.

We typically work for micro-busineses, companies with less thank 50 employees.  Most of our projects are for home business startups or spin offs of existing businesses.  Our specialty is in ecommerce web development.

Our expertise in both web development and search engine optimization is what seperates us from the rest.  We are able to design and execute seo experiments, from start to finish, and able to provide insight into how web development affects search engine placement.

One example of this is a dynamic key-phrase generator that helps search engine ranking by combining key-phrases with geographic terms, so that our client ranks high in local searches.

If you are looking for a web developer in wilsonville oregon, contact Chris at 503 830 4313 for a free 1 hr interview.  We’ll take a look at your project and see if we can help you grow your online business.

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