VPS Email Blast Server

vps email blast server

Need a VPS email blast server? AuraDev’s VPS hosting comes with your own dedicated IP address and a powerful bulk email list management tool with tracking and HTML editing software. If you’re ready to start using your own VPS email blast server that enjoys the performance of dedicated servers, AuraDev’s email blast server is your perfect solution.

While there are benefits of using a service provider or shared web hosting for your email blast server needs, using a VPS eliminates the need for your own computer for sending email blasts. Our email blast server is proven on multiple marketing platforms and will send email blasts for you at minimal expenses. All you need to do is create a good message in the preferred format – as an attachment, URL, HTML, or plain text. AuraDev’s VPS email blast server comes with 8000mb of storage space for your email templates, lists and graphic files.

As the virtual environment in VPS hosting allows us to configure PHP and SendMail, our clients are able to send up to 14,000 emails a day per server. Whether it’s newsletters, publicity lists, or notifications, our highly reputable VPS email blast server will make sure it gets delivered to any amount of subscribers.

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