Top SEO Factors

It is reported that Google looks at over 200 factors when determining which websites should be shown on the first page of their search results.

Their “Secret Formula” is published or shared with anyone, but through experimentation we have developed a list of the top things Google, Yahoo and MSN look at. Here are some of the main factors, these are just the basics. What we find is that most websites don’t get past step 1 for SEO.  Making sure you have all of the following in place will improve your chance of getting that first page listing.

On-site Factors

Keywords in Domain Name

If your website URL is there is high probability that your website is about Oregon widgets.  When you plan out your Internet Marketing Strategy it’s a good idea to choose a domain with keywords in it.

Keywords in URL

Use keywords in your page names. is a good example.  Using something like is a good way to get ignored by search engines

Keywords in Title Tags

It is not a good idea to put your name in the Title Tags.  Most people do.  Instead, use keywords.

Keywords in Meta Tags

Meta Tags should describe what each page in the site is about.  They need to be unique for EACH PAGE.  Do not cut and paste them across the entire site.  Google does look at that and will ignore your meta tags if they find duplicate content.

Off site Factors

Inbound Links from high PageRank related websites

When it comes to links the more the better. Ideally inbound links should come from related websites with a high Page Rank. These types of links count more.

Google looks at an inbound link as a vote of confidence that your site is credible. If a well established website links to yours with the text Oregon Widgets, then Google will think that your website is about Oregon Widgets.

At AuraDev we offer Link Building. We generally recommend that you have at least 400 inbound links. If you want to be #1 for a given term, you may need as many as 50 PR5 links.

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