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Simply Fine Design

Simply Fine Design, AuraDev creates simple design concepts that are both stylish and functional. Simply Fine Design starts with an understanding of what your customers are looking for in a web site. Our goal is to enhance your companies image, and bring those potentials customers one step closer to becoming paying customers. Our proven seo […]

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Consistent Image Web Design

AuraDev is a local web design and search engine optimization firm located in Wilsonville Oregon. Keeping a consistent image throughout your web design and internet marketing is import. At AuraDev web design we work with your existing image and brand when developing or revamping your website. Our goal is to create new marketing approaches that […]

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Internet Marketing Web Design

The internet has changed the way business is done world wide. More and more companies are looking to get their products in front of potential customers online, and the first step of internet marketing is to have a web site designed. The web design process can be done and maintained by a professional web site design company or you can opt to build and maintain it yourself…

5 Tips for Designing Your Website For Conversions

A number of design trends have come and gone over the years. From sleek, multi-media Flash sites to minimalist modern designs, site owners have a number of choices on how to present their content. While these trends come and go, there is one core design principle that
remains: when you make designs that are appealing to consumers, then your business outcomes will be better off in long-run….

analytics content drill down

What we typically do at AuraDev Portland Search Engine Optimization is use the Google Analytics Content Drill Down determine which pages we should spend time revising…

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Website Tutoring

AuraDev is a web design, seo, sem and internet marketing firm based in Wilsonville Oregon.

For those do it yourself types or those just interested in learning the ropes of website design and internet marketing, AuraDev offers expert website tutoring at an hourly rate.

We have many clients that prefer to update and maintain their own websites, but get “stuck” from time to time. They don’t need high priced web redesign proposals, they just need an hour or two with an expert website tutor.

We have a great relationship with customers who just need a little website tutoring from time to time.

Statistics Based SEO

Today I reviewed my Google Analytics for my own site, auradev.com. Sometimes I neglect my own marketing because it is easy to do when you’ve got projects to work on. But that is a trap! Everyone should spend 30 minutes per day on marketing themselves…

search engine marketing specialist

AuraDev is a search engine marketing specialist based in Portland Oregon. We use web design, internet marketing and blogs as a marketing tool to position our clients websites within Google search results Welcome to our website, we use blog entries as a way to position our website within Google so that potential customers find us. […]

managed search engine marketing

We use web design, internet marketing and blogs as a marketing tool to position our clients websites within Google search results Welcome to our website, we use blog entries as a way to position our website within Google so that potential customers find us. Thanks for visiting this page, feel free to look around.  Because […]

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