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cheap e-mail redundancy

AuraDev offers cheap e-mail redundancy starting at $20 per month. Our e-mail redundancy servers ping your email server every 2 minutes to make sure its online. If your mail server goes down, ours kicks in and collects all inbound e-mail. We continue to monitor the status of your e-mail server, and when it comes back online, we automatically forward all email….

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Portland Web Hosting

Today we are starting a portland web hosting marketing push. If you find this blog and sign up, then call me, I’ll credit your account 3 months for free. This promotion starts now and is goodthru the end of the year.

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mail server host

AuraDev web hosting portland offer high speed web and mail server hosting for companies looking for reliable web and mail server hosting.

Our primary web and mail server hosting technology is VPS mail servers.

With VPS web and mail servers your server is independent of all other clients. This technolgy is much more reliable than shared web hosting.

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