Google Analytics for Bulk Mail

Stat tracking for bulk email and email blast campaigns can be a bit tricky. By placing properly coding your URLs inside your email messages you will be able to track the actual response rates of your campaigns.

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Portland Web Development

AuraDev provides PHP/MySQL web development in the Portland Metro Area. If you are looking for a local expert to build, complete or expand your website, contact us for a free 1 hr initial meeting.

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At AuraDev we offer seamless integration for WordPress and Design congruency from product selection through checkout is important in order to…

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West Linn Php Programmer

West Linn Php Programmer

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Newberg Web Design

AuraDev web design is please to announce the launch of

Wine Country Shippers is a service that offers proper packaging and shipping of Oregon Wines to visitors and tourists.
The Wine Country Shippers web site is built using PHP with a MySQL based shipping calculator that allows customers to place calculate shipping online. Credit Card order processing is done through a 256 bit encrypted SSL tunnel.

oregon web designers

We can provide high quality work in the field of Custom Website Design and Coding. Once your Website is completely built and working, we can do Search Engine Marketing (SEM) also, to get you more traffic to you website. Our Services Include : SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization, Logo Design, Graphic Design, PHP Programming, Web Hosting and all the services related to Web Design Development.

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Wilsonville Oregon Web Designers

AuraDev is a Wilsonville Oregon based Web Design and Development firm specializing in web design, php web development, SEO, SEM and Pay Per Click Marketing.

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Portland PHP Web Hosting

AuraDev offers php/mysql plans and we are based in Portland Oregon. We offer VPS Web Hosting with Unlimited Storage and a 100% up time guarantee.

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