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One trick that the email marketing books don’t tell you is that if you don’t wash your list before sending, you are probably going to get flagged as spam. The fact of the matter is that a lot of people have multiple email accounts and often times they forget about one or two of them.

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VPS Hosting for Sending Email Blasts

VPS hosting is an ideal choice for sending email blasts. Our VPS Email Blast hosting allows users to create high performance email marketing campaigns at low costs, while maintaining high deliverability and performance. Our VPS Email Blast Servers come configured with PHP List, a user friendly email blast software platform which enables you to create […]

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Mailserver Hosting

One of the main things you’ll gain from setting up your own mail server is complete control over how many mailboxes you can have, how those mailboxes are set up, and how they work.

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cheap e-mail redundancy

AuraDev offers cheap e-mail redundancy starting at $20 per month. Our e-mail redundancy servers ping your email server every 2 minutes to make sure its online. If your mail server goes down, ours kicks in and collects all inbound e-mail. We continue to monitor the status of your e-mail server, and when it comes back online, we automatically forward all email….

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