Storage VPS

AuraDev offers Storage VPS Servers for webmasters who prefer working with a local vendor that can provide on-site and remote support. No technicians in India here.

Our servers are located in a secure data center with 24/7 security, power redundancy and internet redundancy.

We work hard and maintain our servers so that your website loads quickly and your email arrives at its destination as fast as possible.

Our Storage VPS Web Hosting up time policy is a simple 100% guarantee.
If you notice any downtime, the month is free.

24x7 Server Monitoring 24×7 Server Monitoring

No need to loose sleep at night wondering if your website or email is accessible. We understand that the main reason to do business online is because it’s a 24×7 marketing tool. Our technicians work diligently to keep it that way.

Unlimited POP3 Email and Webmail Accounts Unlimited POP3 or IMAP Email and Webmail Accounts

No restrictions on how many user accounts you can have or how many email addresses. Use as many as you need. Our VPS accounts have a unique feature called distribution lists, which allow you to automatically forward incoming mail to multiple accounts. This is a useful tool for owners who want to be CC’d on all incoming mail.

Unlimited Web Storage Space and Bandwidth Unlimited Web Storage Space and Bandwidth

No file storage or bandwidth usage restrictions. Host as many files as you need, there are no additional charges if 100,000 people decide to visit your website as a result of your marketing campaign. We see increased usage and page views as a thing to celebrate!

Redundant Servers for ZERO Downtime Redundant Email Servers for ZERO Downtime

If your organization requires mission critical email service, we offer a Triple Redundant Email Backup option which features three backup servers in different data centers across the country. At $30 per domain, its a cheap insurance plan for organizations who receive large volumes of important email. This is especially needed if you run an Exchange Server out of your office. [learn more about Redundant Email Backup Servers]

AuraDev hosting features VPS technology that isolates your website in its own environment. This means your site will never be affected by other clients VPS Technology

VPS or Virtual Private Servers means that each account lives in its own space. Your Virtual Space can be configured in any way, independent of all other accounts on the server. Unlike cheaper Shared Hosting, there is no way for one client to affect another clients website. If Client A does something to crash his server, Client B will not be affected.

Remote Desktop Support Remote Desktop Support

We offer email troubleshooting and miscellaneous training via phone and remote desktop. We can interact as if we were sitting right next to you. Remote Desktop Support allows us to control your computer, making it much easier to fix your email or troubleshoot a problem.

99.9% Website & Email Uptime Gauranteed View a 3rd Party Web Hosting Report 99.9% Website & Email Up-time Guaranteed

View a 3rd Party Web Hosting Report

If you notice any type of downtime, simply call AuraDev and complain about it. We will immediately run a diagnostic and if the server is down on our end you get the month free. In addition if we don’t answer the phone and you have to leave a message, the month is free regardless of if we find a problem on our end or not.

Web Hosting Features Features, Features and More Features!

All accounts come with a web based control panel for both administrators and individual users. We also offer 1-click installation of many popular server technologies and applications such as: PHP, MySQL, FrontPage, TomCat (JSP), RubyOnRails (ROR), openSSL, osCommerce, ZenCart, MivaMerchant, WordPress and many more!


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