Statistics Based SEO

Today I reviewed my Google Analytics for my own site,  Sometimes I neglect my own marketing because it is easy to do when you’ve got projects to work on.  But that is a trap!  Everyone should spend 30 minutes per day on marketing themselves.

The stats say that a large percent of the people visiting my website are looking for Graphic Design.  Unfortunately the Graphic Design section is the least built out.  So today I spent time updating the Graphic Design section of my site, you can view it here: Portland Graphic Design.

I also added a page about logo design and revised the nav menu based on stats, putting the highes clicked links up top and sorting the services menu based on what people are clicking on.

I did not enjoy this because I feel that web design and seo (search engine optimization) are our core services, followed by web and email hosting.  But you have to give the people what they want, and the stats don’t lie.  It will be an interesting experiment to see if reordering the menu generates more phone calls for the graphic design team.

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