seo weekly meeting

One question I am often asked is How much time/money should I be spending on SEO?

At the minimum I would recommend that some one in your business spend 15 minutes a day on blog writing or website revision.

At AuraDev we offer a few different seo plans, some as often as seo weekly meetings, some as frequent as once a month.

The point is that seo is a process, and if you are spending time on seo on a weekly basis, you will see improvements.

Some of our clients choose to do seo through an seo plan.  These plans are monthly retainers where AuraDev spends a specified amount of time each week on seo.  We review your site on a weekly basis and spend 1-4 hours per week writing new content for you, or revising your existing site.

The seo process can be a slow one, but just as you build a business one customer at a time, you build your online marketing one keyword at a time.  It is not uncommon for our clients to have top 5 rankings on several keywords after a few months of seo.

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Published: July 25th, 2008 by Chris Chong | Categories: Search Engine Optimization | Tags: Search Engine Optimization, weekly meeting email
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