Search Engine Optimization vs Search Engine Marketing

The problem with hiring a seo firm to get you on the first page of Google is that 95% of the companies with websites do not know what keywords will bring in customers that will make a purchase. Unless you have proven statistics, you are just guessing. Guessing is not a good marketing strategy.

In addition, what good is paying hundreds or thousands of dollars per month to be #1 on one keyword, when AuraDev offers Paid and Organic Search Engine Marketing Strategies that can get your website on the first pages of dozens of keywords? View our portfolio of Organic SEO Results… these clients no longer have to pay to be on the first page of Google.

At AuraDev we employ statistical tracking to everything all aspects of your Search Engine Marketing. This allows us to identify what is working and what is wasting money. We create marketing campaigns, track their performance, keep the ones that meet our ROI expectations and document what doesn’t work. As the months go by our clients see a steady increase in sales and return on their investment.

By choosing an independent Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization expert, you will be getting a knowledgeable partner that will help you identify which keywords bring in visitors who convert to customers. Once those keywords are identified, then we can spend the time and money needed to get your website on the first page.

AuraDev is Google certified in both Adwords and Analytics. Our goal is to help your company connect with customers online.

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Published: July 6th, 2009 by Chris Chong | Categories: Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization | Tags: alabama junkyard, sem, seo
  1. Andy Wood
    July 19th, 2010 at 14:29
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    What can I do to drive more traffic to my website and increase my real estate business? Is google the best place to be? I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. July 20th, 2010 at 19:31
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    Hi Andy, thanks for the question. Marketing real estate today is certainly a challenge, but you are not alone as there are many other industries facing similar challenges.

    I see that you have your own website – great that is step 1.

    Step 2, install Google Analytics. I noticed that you don’t have analytics and it doesn’t appear that you have an alternative web analytic program. You need web analytics so that you can measure what is bringing people to your website. In addition you can setup tracking goals so that actions are flagged, such as form submissions and contact requests. From there you can look for trends in what sources bring in people who take a desired action. Then you have something to focus on.

    Step 3, build a list. It doesn’t look like you have a mailing list sign up form on your site. I suggest you sign up with an email service provider and start building a list. Make sure to come up with a value proposition on why someone should join your list. Access to the latest real estate deals, buyer tips, mortgage rate alerts… give them a compelling reason to join your list.

    Step 4, work your list. Just like you might have a list of prospects, your email list is a list of likely prospects. By staying in touch with them every 10-15 days you can ensure that when they think real estate, they think you.

    Step 5, consider writing articles and publishing them to your site. This will expand the amount of content google might find you under. Focus on things like moving to your area, where you might attract new out of town business. These prospects can be the best, as when management level and executives move to a new town due to business, they are often ready to buy and have the cash available to buy.

    Step 6, once you get a handle on web analytics, you could consider using paid search. I would recommend you find a local expert on this, as paid search can easily burn thru a lot of cash. But with the right web analytics you will be able to measure exactly what is and is not working, which will allow you to optimize (this is a fancy web marketing term that means to continue doing what you know works and to stop doing what you know does not work).

    Hope that helps and best of luck!