seo for online tutoring websites

AuraDev helps companies connect with customers online.

So you have  an online tutoring website and you’d like to bring in more visitors through organic (non-paid) searches?

AuraDev has a couple different seo strategies for content rich online tutoring websites.

The first is to offer free content.  AuraDev partners with transcription companies world wide that can take your training videos and convert them into text.  Once converted we can build gateway pages that lead into your site, which are seo ready to bring in customers to your stie.

Another technique we use is to go thru your online tutoring lessons and tutorials, to research and gather all they questions that your content could answer.  Then build SEO gateway pages so that your pages will show up when someone searches a question in Google,, Yahoo or MSN.

If you are looking for an expert seo firm for your online tutoring website, contact Chris at 503 830 4313 or email us.

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  1. March 19th, 2009 at 05:31
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    i need the suggestion for my website regarding keywords for SEO

  2. March 21st, 2009 at 12:24
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    I briefly reviewed your website, nice design but many opportunities to improve.

    If you search Google for site: you can see a list of all the pages Google “sees” from your website.

    Quickly look thru the list and notice that many of your pages do not contain any keyword in the title.

    The title tag is an easy place to start, as it rarely little modification to your dynamic code structure. Many of your pages have no tutoring keywords in them.

    What I would recommend is creating a dynamic keyword landing page application on your server, where you have specific types of tutoring and the locations you have tutors available. This is no easy task. It would require a list of all the types of tutoring you want to sell and a list of all the cities, states (or provinces, or whatever they call them worldwide). Then create a code that permutates them to expand your website from 150-ish pages to 50,000. You can see how for a tutoring website the page volume could be huge:

    If you had 50 cities x 10 types of tutoring, that’s 500 right there.

    If done correctly you could potentially show up under a hundred thousand different keywords for specify types of tutoring in specific cities/regions.

    We did this once for our own website on a smaller scale and it worked out well, we went from 80ish pages to 2500 almost instantly.

    Google is really all about specifics for for search engine optimization for a tutoring website you really need to specifically talk about what type of tutoring. My guess is that people will probably be using geographic keywords such as their town or city name, so you need to have that in there too.

    If you would like to discuss web development and seo for your tutoring website, contact me at 503 830 4313 or email

    It looks like you are competing on a global market, this type of service wont be cheap, but I do have some ideas on how to bring in lots of organic visitors through a little bit of tweaking to your existing site.

  3. September 8th, 2011 at 13:48
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    Hi There,

    I’m starting up a local tutoring service / website IntuitiveTutors and have a lot of competition in the area (Los Angeles). I’m looking for ways to make it onto the google front page when someone searches for Santa Monica, Brentwood, UCLA / Chemistry, Physics, Biology, math tutor / tutoring etc.

    Do you offer SEO for this kind of site or are your methods specific to online tutoring services?

  4. September 8th, 2011 at 15:49
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    Hi Scott, I can certainly help you out. Check out, which describes what I can do for you to increase your ranking in Google for those specific types of search terms.