Site Review

Before you spend time and money on an Internet Marketing Campaign, you should ensure that Statistical Tracking and Conversion Tracking is installed and functional, and that there are no code or design flaws.  A third party site review can identify areas of improvement and verify that you are 100% ready to convert website visitors into customers.

When we do a Site Review, our team checks for:

  • Properly installed Statistical and Conversion Tracking
  • Clean Code (W3C Compliant, Multiple Browser Cross-compatible and Search Engine Optimized)
  • Design Flaws (If your website is hard to use , not intuitive, or doesn’t meet a standard level of design quality people will probably leave instead of purchase)

AuraDev will identify quick improvements that can yield immediate results.  Most web designers neglect how a search engine like Google looks your website.  A few minor changes can make a world of difference. At the same time we will itemize any items that should be addressed, explain why they are a problem and estimate the cost to fix.

It is critical that we understand what is working for your website before making any changes that will affect search engine rankings or AdWords results.

The Site Review is not expensive, we just need a few hours with your sales/marketing people, your website and your stats to get a thourogh understanding of your web marketing.  Although the first hour is free, one hour is generally not enough to get a deep understanding of your existing web marketing.  The last thing you want is for someone to destroy your previous search engine marketing efforts.

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