Page by Page SEO

When it comes to first page rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing – Content is still King!

This means that in order to rank well for specific key-phrases, you will need specific, search engine optimized content pages for each phrase. This is especially true for highly competitive key-phrases. Our Page by Page SEO Service is a detailed approach designed to create content specific pages which are designed to rank well for one specific key-phrase per page.

Each day hundreds of new websites are launched. The job of the search engine is to sort through content and deliver the most relevant sites. By being specific we have a better chance of achieving a high rank within Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Client Results

Accurate Installation Services:

  • oregon furniture installation – #1 out of 101,000
  • furniture installation oregon – #1 out of 101,000
  • washington furniture installation – #1 out of 303,000
  • furniture installation washington – #3 out of 332,000

Foster Family Care Network:

  • foster families – #2 out of 2,190,000


  • portland direct mail – #2 out of 1,330,000
  • mail presort – #2 out of 52,400

Wine Country Shippers:

  • oregon wine shipping – #5 out of 1,360,000
  • oregon wine shipper- #5 out of 1,360,000

Northwest Demolition & Dismantling:

  • large scale demolition – #3 out of 1,240,000
  • building demolition oregon – #6 out of 987,000

Page by Page SEO

We start with a thorough review of your existing performance.
First we must find the key-phrases which bring qualified visitors to your website.
We judge quality by:

  • average time spent on site
  • average number of pages viewed
  • conversion goals
  • views of key pages such as “Contact Us”

Once we have determined a set of key-phrases we write search engine optimized content and build out targeted web pages.  We use your existing layout and create new pages which are optimized for two purposes:

  1. Rank well for the specific key-phrase
  2. Cause visitors to continue deeper into your site (search for a product, learn more about a service, download a white-paper, sign up for a newsletter, fill out a quote request form, etc.)

After the optimized page is created we link it into your sitemap and other relevant pages within your website.

Finally we engage in a link building campaign to the optimized page in order to cause Google, Yahoo and MSN to notice the new page.  We use anchor text to reinforce the key-phrase which we are targeting (the link says “Oregon widget company” and goes to a page optimized for the key-phrase “Oregon widget company”). Google, Yahoo and Bing will see this page as highly relevant and will likely serve it to people searching the phrase “Oregon widget company”.

A properly optimized page with quality inbound links will generally rank well for a specific key-phrase. The result of our Page by Page SEO Service is well designed, search engine optimized pages with several quality inbound links which are specific enough for search engines algorithms to quantify and “popular” enough to rank well.

Page by Page SEO Pricing

Our Page by Page SEO includes the following:

  • Initial key-phrase research and list of to 20 sugguested phrases : 1hr
  • Content Writing (content + title, meta description, meta keywords) : 1-2hrs
  • Page Design : 1hr
  • Programming : 1-2hrs
  • Link Building : 4-6 hrs
  • Generally we need to build 25-50 inbound links with have a PageRank of at least 2
  • Report of all inbound links generated, daily position monitoring (reported weekly) for 90 days

$500 per page/key-phrase combination :  3 page minimum

Get Started

Ready to get started? Email us: or call 503 830 4313 with any questions. We’ll gladly prepare a quote and we do offer multi-page discounts. To get started we will need access to your web statistics and web server.

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