Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refines the content of websites so that search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN can easily find and filter them. Through the use of SEO principles, you can ensure that your online business will appear at the top of most organic search results. Most businesses that employ these strategies see a dramatic increase in web traffic to their websites and better exposure online.

SEO uses target keywords, title tags, site architectures and meta descriptions to link common search phrases to content in your website. While many of these search engines provide suggestions for improving your search engine rankings, an SEO consultant optimizes your site by editing both content and HTML code for even stronger results.

Inbound links from related but non competing websites also increase your chance of showing up on the first page of a search result.  Blogs, Directories, Vendors and Customer websites are all great places to acquire inbound links.

At AuraDev, we have the SEO strategies that can consistently boost your website into the top five search results on any particular page. That’s where a vast majority of customer “clicks” originate. We optimize your website so that search engines and future customers can find you quickly and easily.

SEO Results

Is AuraDev SEO effective? Test for yourself by searching any of the following phrases in Google.
Google accounts for 85% of all searches, so we primarily focus on Google.  Yahoo and MSN do pickup our SEO improvements, but to optimize for Yahoo or MSN would have diminishing returns.  This portfolio is ordered by degree of difficulty.  In general the more pages that Google has in its index, the harder it is to be #1.

Slater & Associates Insurance:

  • insurance for home care business – #3 out of 220,000,000
  • home care business insurance – #2 out of 94,000,000
  • senior care business insurance- #5 out of 23,10,000
  • daycare insurance oregon – #5 out of 695,900

Foster Family Care Network:

  • foster families – #2 out of 2,190,000


  • portland direct mail – #2 out of 1,330,000
  • mail presort – #2 out of 52,400

Wine Country Shippers:

  • oregon wine shipping – #5 out of 1,360,000
  • oregon wine shipper- #5 out of 1,360,000

Northwest Demolition & Dismantling:

  • large scale demolition – #3 out of 1,240,000
  • building demolition oregon – #6 out of 987,000

Accurate Installation Services:

  • oregon furniture installation – #1 out of 101,000
  • furniture installation oregon – #1 out of 101,000
  • washington furniture installation – #1 out of 303,000
  • furniture installation washington – #3 out of 332,000

GPI Performance:

  • NRG mufflers – #1 out of 301,000
  • universal shifters – #2 out of 368,000

Rolling Hills Community Church:

  • church in tualatin – #1 out of 248,000

AuraDev Internet Marketing:

  • real estate email blasts – #4 out of 58,200,000
  • email blaster hosting – #6 out of 8,740,000
  • affordable sem – #4 out of 1,060,000
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    Hi I spoke with you about my realtor services site, Buyer’s Bridge. I’m interested in finding out more about your SEO services.