Local Business Listings

If you search for a service and put a city name in the phrase, you’ll notice a different set of results that appear above the normal search engine results and often in place of the top 3 paid ads.

Google calls them Local Business Results, Yahoo calls them Yahoo Local Results.

The Local Business Listings are the results that get featured above the regular organic search results. This is important because if you can get the #1 spot in Local Business Listings, your site is often the very first site in the search results. A great Local Business Listing is like a ticket to the front of the line. This is espcially true for Google. We have noticed that Local Business Results are shown instead of paid ads.

If you thought SEO was a mystery, the Local Business Listings are even more so. But we do know a few key factors that Google, Yahoo and MSN look at and our Internet Marketing Experts can help you get first page results.

Local Business Listing Factors

1: Claim your local listing: It takes about an hour to properly setup your listing, at the minimum everyone should do this.

2: Be Specific: Use the names of the cities you service and use specific descriptions of  your services, list them all out.  Don’t make general statements or use general terms.

3: Be Thourough: Invest time in creating a complete profile.  Google can only judge your Local Business Listing based on what you put in it.  Search Engines can’t see content that doesn’t exist.

If you would like to learn more about Local Business Listings and Search Engine Marketing, call us at 503 830 4313 or email us for a free 1 hr interview.  We offer both full service and consulting and are willing to work with any sized budget.  From 1 on 1 tutoring to complete website design and marketing, our goal is to help you connect with customers online.

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