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One thing I run into  a lot with people who have existing websites who are looking for a seo or sem consultant in Portland is the question of whether to go with a large sem firm, a micro business (1-10 employees) or a solo self employed freelance sem expert.

Like my friend Jim Standridge, an excellent video production guy says, “There are three things: time, money, quality.  Pick two”.

If you need a job done fast and right, a large sem firm is probably the way to go, but it will be the most expensive.  From what I have run come across in my Portland SEM ventures is that a large firm will typically have 3-7 managers who really know what they are doing, and a huge crew of low paid sem workers.  Not that this is bad, but know that you are paying a high premium for their work force.  SEM can be complicated but it isn’t rocket science, its just really really tedious work.  If you go with a big sem firm, you’ll probably get results but it will cost.

The other option is to hire a sem consultant that is a micro business.  I have to admin here I have a “dog in the fight” because that is the category my company falls into.

This type of SEM Consultant is usually a group of people working out of a small or home office, or one project manager that has a couple part time telecommuter experts helping him out.

I personally believe that this model is the best value in web design, sem, seo and web development.  Often you will find that this type of sem consultant is connected with the brightest stars at the larger sem firms.  You can often get very good results by hiring a company that has a team of “moonlighters”, experts who have a day job but have a couple hours in the evening.

A micro business will usually produce results as good or often better than a large SEM firm, but it may take longer.  This could be a perfect fit for someone launching a new business venture, but a bad match for someone rolling out a product launch that must be coordinated with other marketing efforts.

The last type of sem consultant is the solo sem consultant.  This is usually someone who was once employed by a large sem firm and decided to go it on his own, or perhaps someone who is really talented and likes to “do his own thing”.

I typically see one of two things happen with solo sem consultants.  They either flake out, or do a really great job.  Its pretty rare to see a mediocre self employed person, because the two just don’t go together.  A person who doesn’t do a good job won’t be self employed for very long.

If you are looking for a affordable sem consultant in Portland with proven results, consider AuraDev.  Contact us at 503 830 4313 for a free interview to see if our SEM strategies can help grow your business.

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