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Looking for proven SEM Ideas?

Chris Chong is a SEM consultant based in Wilsonville Oregon.  His company AuraDev helps companies connect with customers online.

If you are looking for a few good SEM ideas to implement into your search engine marketing campaign, we can help.

The first step is to take a quick look at your website and statistics and talk about how your existing SEM is working.  From there we can talk about SEM ideas that we have used in the past and see if there are any SEM techniques that could work for you.

Some of our SEM ideas are simple and just require looking at your internet marketing from a different angle.  Most of our SEM ideas can be implemented by your web design and programming staff.  Some of our more specialty SEM techniques might need to be implemented by our team.

AuraDev offers SEM consulting on both a project retainer and hourly basis.  If you are looking for fresh SEM insight and ideas, contact Chris at 503 830 4313 or email us.

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