Portland Web Hosting

Today we are starting a portland web hosting marketing push.  If you find this blog and sign up, then call me, I’ll credit your account 3 months for free.  This promotion starts now and is good thru the end of the year.

Portland Web Hosting Promotion

Your company must be located with in 100 miles of Portland Oregon.

First sign-up for any of our web hosting plans.  Here is a link:


Once you signup we will create your account and email you server logins.  If you need assistance we even offer remote techsupport to help you setup your email.

Next you must call me, Chris Chong at 503 830 4313 and tell me that you found this blog through a Google search.  I will manually credit your account for 3 free months.  You will have to pay for the first month.

PS if you are reading this and it is 2009, I’ll give you 3 free months if you signup and call me and tell me I forgot to take this promotion down.

All of our servers are virtual private servers (VPS).  Sometimes they are called virtual dedicated servers (VDS) or semi-dedicated.  This technology allows for very stable reliable web and email hosting.  We offer both pop3 and imap email, for those that like to do email on their iphone or blackberry.

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