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AuraDev is a Portland SEO Company helping our clients connect with customers online by positioning their website at the top of the search results. Just as you found our SEO website through a keyword search, we can help your target customers find your website.

AuraDev uses proven SEO techniques to help our Portland client’s rank high on search engines.

Blogs, PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing, SEO, SEM and Link Building are the main strategies that we have been using for years with successful results. We also have a few other tricks that can give your company an edge online.

Generally we start our clients on a PPC Marketing Campaign first. Pay Per Click Marketing is the fastest of all SEM strategies, it can deliver visitors and customers immediately. But PPC Marketing has a second function too.  It shows which keywords we should be using on your website when we start the SEO process.

Search Engine Optimization can be very time consuming but does pay off. The organic search results are generally what keywords searchers click on first then move to the PPC ads second. Organic Search clicks are free, you do not pay for these visitors.  Visit our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) page to learn more about this.

SEO starts with a thorough site review, we look at many technical and design factors to determine what aspects of your website are working and what needs improvement. Generally we will revise your website content.  Often times website content is vague, and there are opportunities to insert keywords in the text.

We will also review your statistical data. It helps if you have Google Analytics installed on your website.  If you are reading this and don’t have Google Analytics installed on your website, please do so immediately.  Google Analtyics will provide the statistical performance data needed to judge what is and is not effective.

We offer professional Google Analytics installation for $100.

At this point we should be able to see what people are doing once they find your website. We can also segment your visitors by how they found your website.  The result is that we can anticipate that if a visitor uses a set of words to find your website, they will then view a set of pages.  Out of all the different ways someone can find your website, a handful of those ways will result in higher sales than the others.  This is what we are trying to figure out.

SEO can really pay off if you pick the right keywords.  If we are able to figure out which keywords will bring in visitors that convert to customers, then we can optimize your site those keywords.  By using results from your PPC campaign, we save time and money.  What good is being #1 on keywords no one uses?

Our goal at AuraDev is to help companies in Portland connect with customers online.

If you are looking for a Portland SEO company with a proven track record, please contact us at 503 830 4313 or email us.

PS – One thing we don’t do is black box work.  We take the time to educate and train you on how to do effective internet marketing.  We also offer website tutoring and training for those business owners who are looking for a hands on approach and just need a local expert to guide them.  AuraDev, a Portland SEO Company you can trust.

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