Portland Oregon Wedding Photographer

Sorry Brides and people shopping for a Portland Photographer, but this post is not really about who is the best Portland Oregon Wedding Photographer.  It is actually a test to see how competitive (how hard) it might be to get a website listed on the first page of Google under Portland Oregon Wedding Photographer.

That being said, my wife who is a Portland Wedding Coordinator really likes Sarah Grey.

AuraDev is a search engine marketing firm that uses unique methods (we call them experiments) to rank well in Google.  We use a combination of content (such as using the phrase Portland Oregon Wedding Photographer, Wedding Photography, Portland Oregon) and technology (black box stuff) to get our clients websites to rank well on Google, Yahoo! and MSN Live.

Search Engine Marketing is mostly about content (words).  But it’s not quite as simple as inserting your keywords into your website over and over again. If you want to rank well for Portland Oregon Wedding Photographer, you need to have text that uses words like wedding photography, Portland Oregon and related words like photo and maybe bridal and wedding day and photograph.  It also helps to have links pointing to your website that say Portland Oregon Wedding Photographer.

This blog is a test for a potential client, sorry to all you other Portland Oregon Wedding Photographers.  If you would like to show up on the first page of Google for Wedding related keywords, please contact us at 503 830 4313 or email us.

We are here to help you grow your Wedding Photographer business in Portland Oregon.

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