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The internet has inspired and made millionaires from many people savvy enough to recognize the benefits of internet marketing. In terms of getting you message in front of a global audience for such a low cost of distribution, the internet can offer the highest ROI for your marketing dollar.

Wide distribution combined with low cost has made internet marketing the saving grace for many businesses whose product or service would have otherwise gone unnoticed in the marketplace.

It’s not all just websites and email though. Internet marketing goes far beyond that. Many companies are using the web to manage customer data and electronic customer relationship management systems. (ECRM).

Successful internet marketing campaigns combine both the creative and technical aspects the latest trends of computer technology. Internet marketing is more than simply building a website and hoping somebody finds it. The promotion involved is a well thought out strategy where visitor interaction, function and appearance targets a niche market as defined by customer profiles.  This is where search engine optimization (seo) and search engine marketing (sem) come in.

Internet marketing can be defined by separate and distinct goals of your website. The first being an e-commerce site where goods are sold directly to customers from the website, using a shopping cart and credit card payment system.

There are also websites where the sole purpose is lead acquisition, where visitors are prompted to enter their contact information to join a newsletter or just to get more information about the company and product or service being offered. Internet marketing also includes what is called affiliate marketing, where a business pays commissions from affiliate members that place company ads on their personal websites.

Web 2.0 strategies include search engine optimization and the use of keywords in your website to increase your ranking amongst the search engines. Your goal in internet marketing should be to have your business website appear near the top results of a search. The effective use of website design, social networking and even selection of a good domain name can help you achieve this goal.

A successful internet marketing campaign must start with the above basics and they should be given the efforts of developing a firm foundation for your business endeavors. A firm foundation will sustain your business and allow you to build solidly as you grow. Think of longevity instead of a “hit em and forget em” site that is here today and gone tomorrow never making money.

Internet marketing is an important element in your overall marketing plan. There are benefits to be enjoyed over other media, such as print, radio and television. But they often come at a higher price, so you must know what you are doing and you must do it well.

There is much information available about internet marketing to someone interested in learning how to market their business and the rapid change in technology and strategies makes it vitally important that you keep up to date on trends.

If you are looking for an internet marketing consultant in the Portland Oregon area, contact AuraDev at 503 830 4313 for a free initial consultation.

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