portland dedicated servers

If you are serious about your web site than I recommend a dedicated server. In the Portland, OR area there are many available options, though once on the internet, physical location matters very little. What does matter is that your servers are well maintained. AuraDev offers dedicated servers to companies large and small they understand your needs when looking for a good reliable web host provider You many contact them at: 503 830 4313 or email them at anytime, to discuss your options further, it is nice to know that the human element of the internet is still alive and well.

What is the difference between a shared web host and a dedicated server, anyway? Shared hosting is hosting where many websites share the same resources in one server. Resources here simply mean the memory, the processor speed, and web space as well as the bandwidth. A Dedicated server on the other hand, enables you to be the sole owner of the sever that host your site. In shared hosting, if another site goes aims requiring action, all other sites on that server must likewise suffer, but just as there are reasons to share a store front, in physical space, some find it reasonable to have a shared Web Server,. And like the store front analogy, price is a main determining factor. My advice is you ought to aim for a dedicated server, but do not feel dismayed if you must start with a shared server as most do, and AuraDev is prepared to help you meet you goals no matter what they are.

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