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popup scriptOne easy way to capture more leads from your website is with a pop-up script.  A well designed pop-up with a clear call to action should capture the name and email address of 3-5% of your website visitors.

The key things to consider when using a pop-up are:

  • Placement – on which page will you serve visitors your pop-up?
  • Timing – how long after visitors enter will you serve your pop-up?
  • Frequency – how many times will you serve a visitor your pop-up?
  • Call to action – what are you asking visitors to do?

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Pop-up Placement

We have three schools of thought on which pages are best to serve pop-ups.

One option is to serve pop-ups on your most visited pages.  This would probably be your homepage, but could be other pages that have good search engine rankings. The strategy here is to capture the largest QUANTITY of leads.

The second option is to serve pop-ups on critical pages of your site that visitors would only go to when they are almost ready to buy.  This would probably be your checkout pages, contact pages or product detail pages. The strategy here is to capture QUALITY leads.

The third option is to serve pop-ups on all pages, but program them to be action based.  An example is a pop-up that is only served the first time a visitor moves his mouse off the page towards the back button.

Generally we prefer to go with option three and capture as many leads as possible because email marketing is so cheap.  The third option ensures that everyone is served the pop-up once. By serving it as people are about to leave we know that they are no longer reading content, so we are not interrupting them.  Also, when visitors leave your site with out purchasing, it generally means that they didn’t find the information that they were seeking or you didn’t convince them.  Serving an exit pop-up gives you one more chance to provide that information and win their business.

Pop up Timing

The worst thing you can do is serve a pop-up immediately when someone enters your site.  Give them a chance to look around and get to know you first.

Our preferred method is to serve a pop-up as someone is about to leave our site.

A second method would be to serve the pop-up after a certain amount of time spent on your website.  You can control the quality of your leads by waiting a couple minutes to serve the pop-up.  Visitors who stay on your site for over 3 minutes are going to be better leads than people who leave your site after 1 minute.

Remember, all marketing is a balance of cost, quality and quantity.  If you are asking someone to join your email list, the cost is insignificant, so it might be OK to sacrifice quality for quantity.  But if you are sending out a catalog or something that costs a couple dollars to put in the mail, you might want manage cost by increasing quality by limiting the quantity.

Pop-up Frequency

No one likes to be bugged with a million pop-ups. The pop-up script we recommend sets a cookie when someone subscribes, so you won’t bug returning subscribers.

We recommend that you serve your pop-up only once, but set the script to time out after 1-24 hours.  That way you are only asking once every X hours.  Use your web analytics to determine what that should be.  If people come back to your site a couple times a day, you might want to set the time out to 24 or 48 hours so they are only asked once in a day.  For most sites, we would set the pop-up to serve once every 24 hours, because most people only visit the site one or two times a day.

Call to Action

You need to give your prospects are clear, compelling reason to take action.  Call to Action is the single biggest driver of conversion rate, so test out a couple ideas.  Find a way to offer your prospects something of value to them which does not cost you anything.  A free guided to something, a white-paper, a case study, there are endless “digital products” that you can give away for free in exchange for their name and email address.

Remember that your call to action will also influence the quality of your leads.  You will want to keep the offer closely related to what you are selling.  Focus on educating your prospects about the benefits (not features) of your product.

Example: Computer Backup Systems- A benefit is that the product saves you countless hours of having to recreate your files if your computer dies. A feature is that it backs up automatically as long as your computer is on and connected to the Internet.

A potential call to action- Learn three easy ways to protect your most important files.  Sign-up to receive our free white-paper that explains how you can ensure ZERO data loss if your laptop suddenly dies.

Then in your white-paper you explain 3 ways to back up data, but make 2 of them manual and very hard to do, then contrast it with your easy, automatic solution which can be purchased for only $49.95/yr.

If you are looking for an excellent pop-up script to use, we recommend this script.

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