PayPal Integration

Using PayPal credit card and payment processing for your ecommerce is an excellent way to sell services and products online. Seamless integration between PayPal and your website is important to ensure that those transactions are handled quickly and accurately. At AuraDev, we can provide your business with the perfect link between your PayPal customers and you.

Many of your customers use PayPal because they don’t feel comfortable giving their credit card numbers over the Internet. The perfect solution is to integrate PayPal credit card and payment processing with direct credit card processing. Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as it seems. PayPal processing is not as straightforward as direct payment processing, and your current website may not be prepared to handle the extra steps. That’s where AuraDev can help.

AuraDev provides truly seamless integration between PayPal services and your shopping cart site. From your customer’s viewpoint, PayPal will be one more reason to do business with you. The experts at AuraDev are working behind the scenes, making it all seem effortless.

For more information on how AuraDev can seamlessly integrate PayPal services into your shopping cart site, call 530 830 4313.

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