osCommerce Customization

If you’re currently using or considering OsCommerce shopping cart sites for ecommerce, you’re probably wondering how you can customize these online solutions for your unique business needs. While OsCommerce does offer some flexibility in terms of add-ons as well as the help of an active online support community, you may need an expert to install, configure and maintain this solution for both your business and your customers.

At AuraDev, we can modify OsCommerce to fit your specific needs. We can match the design and layout of OsCommerce to your specific company image as well as your website. We can customize the functionality of customer interfaces, administration, products, payment, shipping and taxes for the way you do business. We can also help you keep current with the constant flow of OsCommerce updates and downloads.

AuraDev gives you complete flexibility to create the shopping cart sites that are perfectly matched for your business. For more information on how we can help you to take advantage of OsCommerce’s many useful features, call us at 530 830 4313.

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