Membership Websites

Membership sites offer their own unique features—and problems. First you need to maintain a large user database to provide your customers with a higher level of service. Then you need to set up a system that can collect subscription fees through recurring billing. Finally, you need to control access to these accounts so that sensitive information is protected from hackers and search engines.

AuraDev can create membership sites that offer all of these features. We can help you keep track of your members through detailed databases that can be customized for your unique business requirements. Our experts work hard behind the scenes to ensure that recurring billing and subscription fees are processed in a timely manner. Finally, we offer 128-bit encryption to secure your membership areas. 128-bit encryption is the highest level of protection that Microsoft offers for all types of online financial transactions.

AuraDev can show you how easy it is to integrate control, access and billing features into your membership site. Call us at 530 830 4313 for a demonstration.

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