Dynamic Database Driven Sites

At AuraDev, we specialize in creating dynamic database driven sites that can present large amounts of content about your customer base. You’ll be able to interact with your customers online through user and email databases that provide you with the information you need to develop long-term relationships.

Best of all, we don’t leave you alone to sift through mountains of data. We constantly offer you the latest technologies, guidance, support and ideas for using that data to increase sales and encourage long-term customer loyalty. We can also give you the tools to provide your local business with a national or even global presence. Even your small business can have the power to compete all over the world.

AuraDev can help you use the data generated by your site to keep in touch with your entire customer base with a single email “blast.” This is an unusually effective way to notify customers about new products, services and upgrades. We can supply you with the web statistics needed to measure the response rate as well. Finally, our design team can also create a unique marketing campaign that will match your sales efforts to your customers.

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