Mass Email Friendly Hosts

Any e-marketer looking to send bulk email will require mass email-friendly hosts. If you are tired of getting kicked off your web server every time you try to send an email blast, AuraDev has the solution for you.

AuraDev offers mass email friendly web hosting through our Email Blast VPS Servers. VPS servers are ideal for mass email campaigns they operate in a virtual environment. This means that your account will not be affected by any other accounts on the server.

vps email blast servers

With our Email Blast Servers you can send mass emails of up to 14,000 a day. If you need more you can always split your list across multiple servers.

As a vastly experienced email marketing host, we understand what clients need for reliable and effective hosting. Other mass email friendly hosts are expensive and can only get you so far. At AuraDev we provide PHP List, a popular email blast software for free, but you are welcome to use any email blast software of your choice. PHP List will allow you to compose and send HTML and plain text emails to multiple lists with ease. Our email blast servers have plenty of storage available too for your email templates, lists, and graphic files. At AuraDev we want to enable you with the tools to be more flexible and innovative.

Using our Mass Email Servers is vastly more effective than setting up a second hosting account or sending blasts from your own web host. Our servers are designed for mass emails that will guarantee good response rates, trackable results and provide a user-friendly interface.

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