Mailserver Hosting

One of the main things you’ll gain from setting up your own mail server is complete control over how many mailboxes you can have, how those mailboxes are set up, and how they work. Are you running into size limitations on your existing mail service? Does your current mailbox keep filling up or rejecting your messages because they are too large? No problem! When you own the mail server, you can do whatever you want. Go right ahead and send that 20 MB attachment to the remote office.

That brings up another important advantage that your own mail server can provide. You can extend the benefits to others, hosting accounts for other branches or even partners. That’s particularly nice if you’ve succeeded in securing a domain name for your company. The downside comes if your remote sites and business partners start to rely a little too much on their mail accounts.

Auto responders are another handy feature offered by many mail servers, and they’re much like out-of-office replies. For example, maybe you have a document you want people to be able to obtain simply by sending a message to a specific account. A customer can send a message to you@yourdomain.whatever and get back a reply with your favorite fudge recipe. Businesses often use auto responders to distribute information about products and services. Whether you manage services for a commercial venture or run a small home business, auto responders might add a new way for you to interact with your customers.

Many mail servers offer features that make it easier to distribute mail to groups of people. While you can create distribution lists with any e-mail client, creating groups at the server lets anyone send mail to that group through a single e-mail address. Some mail servers give you the ability to send messages to group members in round-robin fashion. This means that each new message gets sent to a different person in the group. This is a great way to distribute messages evenly across the group, and it is typically used to distribute sales or support requests.

Keeping out spam is another potential benefit to hosting your own mail server. While you can create rules in your e-mail client to delete messages from specific senders, keeping out spam for several mail accounts can be a headache, particularly if you’re current service doesn’t give you any spam-blocking features. With ant spamming built into the server, you can block mail from domains or specific senders for all accounts.

Many mail servers also provide built-in virus scanning or can use add-ins to scan messages coming and going through the server. You might use this in conjunction with client virus-scanning software to add another layer of security for your home network.

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