Lake Oswego SEO

AuraDev is an Internet Marketing and SEO firm that helps companies in Lake Oswego connect with customers online through SEO (search engine optimization).

AuraDev uses proven strategies for Lake Oswego SEO.

The fist step is to review your website.  There are many “quick fixes” that can be made at little expense to get your site into search engines.  If you do not already use Google’s Statistical Tracking Program we will install it and begin measuring your existing performance.

Once we have an idea of how your site is performing we will begin two SEO strategies.

SEO Strategy one is to revise your 5 worst statistically performing pages.  Google Analytics Content Drilldown will show which pages people tend to view and leave.  This is called a bounce.  Bounces mean that your visitor is not interested in what you are showing them.

SEO Strategy two is to start an Adwords Campaign.  Adwords is a pay per click advertising system, but don’t let the name scare you.  Adwords can be used to build your brand, by writing advertisements that wont get clicked, thus no Pay… free advertsing.  We also have a unique method for using Adwords as a tool to figure out what words people are searching… with out having to pay and without the expense of creating hundreds of search engine optimized web pages… only to find out that nobody searches for the keywords we are using.

Once we get results from the Adwords campaign, the real SEO can begin.  We’ll revise and rewrite the content of your key pages so that Google will be able to determine what the page is about and rank it accordingly.  We also can start a blog for you, and even write articles for your website.  By steadly increasing the amount of content on your website and slowly tweaking keywords and SEO, we can bring in more vistiors AND convert a higher percentage of visitors into customers.

If you would like to know more about AuraDev and how we can help you with your lake oswego seo project, contact Chris at 503 830 4313 for a free interview or email us.

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