Incoming Mail Redundancy

exchange server redundancy

To achieve true incoming mail redundancy you will need to setup either multiple servers with automatic dns fail over or use AuraDev’s email backup servers.

If your Exchange Server goes down, you will likely start loosing inbound email after 10 minutes. Most email servers will try to deliver a message 2-3 times, but not all do, and many will send a bounce back message the original sender. Bounce-backs are not a good thing for a any client to receive.

With our Email Redundancy Server (Email Backup Server) bounce-backs and missed emails do not have to happen. If your Exchange Server goes down, our Email Backup Server automatically starts queuing incoming messages. When your Exchange Server comes back online, queued messages are delivered to your server automatically, as if it were never down.

Our Email Backup Server is an excellent alternative to server clustering, where your IT staff would have to and maintain two servers. Server clustering can be an expensive task, especially when the servers must be in different data-centers to achieve true redundancy. Our solution offers built in Triple Redundancy – Three Backup Servers in different data centers across the USA.

For $29.95/month per domain, our Email Backup Servers are low cost insurance policy that no Exchange Server should be without.

IT Professionals:
Don’t wait for that call in the middle of the night – Setup an Email Backup Server Now – 10 Minute Setup

Exchange Server Email Redundancy

exchange server redundancy24 x 7 Automatic Email Fail Over
In the event your Exchange Server (or any other type of Email Server) becomes unreachable our Email Backup Server will automatically start accepting inbound email.
email backup serversMultiple Users – no problem
Our Email Backup Server will provide incoming email redundancy for every user on your domain automatically. No need to setup per-user accounts.
email backup setupEasy Setup – No Server Modification Required
Once your Email Backup Server account is setup in our data centers, all you need to do is add our MX Records to your DNS.
no setup requiredNo Management Required
Once setup, our Email Backup Servers require no maintenance on your part. You can truly set it and forget it.
email bounceAutomatic Forwarding
When your Exchange Server becomes available your queued email will automatically start to be delivered. When there are messages waiting, our Email Backup Servers ping your server ever 5 minutes so you can get your email as soon as you are back online.
email backup serversComplete Redundancy
Our Email Backup Server has its own backup! In fact it’s a triple redundant system that lives in 3 different datacenters in different regions of the USA.

exchange server redundancy

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