How to Design an Email Blast

Building an email list and sending content to prospective customers as a way to generate traffic for your website and ultimately increase sales.

Email marketing can be easy to do, provide you are using a reputable vendor with easy to use tools.

This article will explain how to design an email blast.

Before you start to design an email blast, you should write your ad or sales letter.  In the first step it’s important to focus on selling and not design.  You can pick your template, colors and supporting graphics later.  First focus on your actual message.

Once you have drafted and edited your message it is time to make it look good.  Remember, the purpose of design is to get people to read the message.

If you don’t yet have an email service provider we suggest you sign-up for a free trial with each of the vendors below.  They all have many, good looking, easy to use templates and offer great support.

Email Blast Servers: Free Trial

Email Company Free Email Blast Promotion
Overall Rating
Free Email Blast Free Email Blast – 100 emails for free through
Vertical Response
Rating: ★★★★★
Free Email Blast for Small Business Free 60 Day Trial – Send Email Blasts Free for 60 Days though Constant Contact Rating: ★★★★½
Free Email Marketing Service 15 Day Free Trial of iContact email blast servers Rating: ★★★☆☆

Once you have an account with an email service provider, you’ll want to refer to their user manual or user videos on how to select and implement one of their design templates.  Most of them are very easy to use and pretty much cut and paste.

When your template is ready you will upload your mailing list, choose when to send and leave the rest up to the email service provider.  They will ensure that your message is delivered properly.

Email Blast Design Tips

  1. Get to the point as quick as possible.  Your email will likely be competing with a dozen others for your prospects attention.  Don’t waste their time, get in there and pitch your offer.
  2. Create a compelling headline.  The email headline is what your prospect will see and may determine whether they actually open your email.  Test out different headlines and measure which ones get the best open rates.
  3. Don’t over do it on graphics.  Graphics are sometimes not able to be seen and also make loading the email slow.  Use nice color formatting but avoid graphic heavy or all graphic templates.

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