Graphic Design Page Redo

Based off the statistics we are getting I redesigned our graphic design portfolio.  We found through Google Analytics that the graphic design page is the most popular service on our site, despite it being one of the secondary services we offer.

That’s the beauty of statistics.  Who would have thought?  By enhancing a page that is visited often, we add value and credibility to our website, which should increase the overall effectiveness of the web site.

Even though graphic design is not a service that I’d like to be marketing heavily, it is something people are interested in, and because of that, a good marketing effort should be put into the graphic design page.

We have a lot of good portfolio pieces, but they weren’t showcased in a very good way.  The new graphic design portfolio is made using a css hover script that makes the image large when you mouse over it.  I think its a lot cleaner and better looking than the old way, and its also interactive.

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