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Using a free business email blaster can increase website traffic significantly, but only if you use it properly. You need to decide the content and format of your emails so that you can choose the proper format for your messages (HTML vs. plain text). Most people opt for plain text emails because everyone can view them and they are easier to prepare, but HTML can wow people and keep them interested in what you have to say. You will want to choose content that is relevant to your website and your audience, so that you don’t turn them off by trying to market something different than what they are interested in.

Email blast campaigns will not only increase your traffic and sales, but they will help you to connect with your customers and build relationships that you might not otherwise have created. You can use language in the messages that speaks directly to ONE reader, and allow thousands of different people to feel like you’re especially talking to them. You need to make sure that you adhere to spam laws at ALL times, and ensure that your messages are wanted and educational.

One of the best emails to start your campaign is an email that advertises or discusses specials and promotions that you are offering. That way, people can see that you’ve got something to offer and they will come to you in their time of need. As time goes on, you can get more into other products and services and push sales harder. For now, it’s best just to educate and let them come to you. Getting people to open their emails can be trying enough, which is why you need to create a catchy title or subject for your emails that will get people interested about what’s inside.

For example, an email blast with the subject “Daily Sales at” is not going to be nearly as effective as “Save 25% on new orders, find discounts up to $50 off”. If you don’t actually have these specials, don’t offer them. However, putting numbers or key information in your subject will draw more attention than just having a vague, general statement or no subject at all. This is nearly as important as the content, if not more so, because if the subject doesn’t catch their eye, they’ll never even make it to the content of the message. Email blast campaigns can be very effective, but only when they are used accordingly.

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