Extreme Conversion Detail for PPC Optimization

A couple weeks ago Google Analytics added a feature that lets you sort data by two separate dimensions.

I am ecstatic about this new feature because I manage $100,000 annual PPC campaigns on Google, Yahoo and Bing and sometimes it can be a real pain determining which keywords are really effective.  I have found that what works on Google Adwords, might not work as well on Yahoo Search Marketing or Microsoft adCenter.  Some keywords which are very effective in Yahoo are terrible in Google.

Now we can easily look at incoming paid keywords (and unpaid)  and then sort by source.  When we look at this data in the Goals Tab, we can see how each keyword converts on each network.

Now, you may say that this capability already existed in each PPC campaign management portal, and yes it did.  But now it is much easier to deal with.

Consider this screen shot a selection from Traffic Sources > Keywords:

analytics 2 dimension drill down

In column 1, I can choose to list all of my PPC keywords.

In column 2, I see which PPC Network is being reported.

G1-G4 are my 4 configured goals.  Form Submission is my 5th goal, which is a general inquiry form.

In column 3, I could see how much each keyword is generating in sales, if I had Analytics Ecommerce Tracking setup.  In this case, it is not really applicable to this website because we are promoting an affiliate program.

Now, what this report is telling me is that the keyword “free email blast service” (#44) on Google is 13.65% likely to convert on Goal 1 and 4.55% likely to Convert on Goal 2.  In this view of the report, we can’t see what the probability would be on Yahoo or Bing.

But consider line 42 and 43.  The same set of keywords gets a vastly different result on Yahoo than on Google.  Knowing this, I could choose to allocate a higher CPC bid on Yahoo than on Google.

I realize that this is very skinny data and will update this post with a better example.  But hopefully this article will give you another way to optimize your PPC campaigns.

Taken to an extreme you can use this to optimize your landing pages by selecting your landing page in the Top Content Report, and then choosing Keywords as the first dimension and Source as the second dimension.  Now we have Analtics on steroids and can tailor our keyword bids by adgroup down to the landing page level.

I am anticipating that this tool will help me reduce ad cost by 15%.

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