Exchange Email Redundancy

One thing we have been coming across lately is businesses with exchange servers in their office.  This is not nessicarily a bad thing, thousands of businesses do this.  But one thing most business owners don’t think about is email redundancy for exchange servers located in their office.

The problem with hosting an email server in your office is that offices do not often have power and data redundancy.  Sure, your exchange server might have a battery backup, but what about your switch, modem, router and internet infrastructure.

What happens to your email if your server goes offline?
AuraDev offers triple redundant email backup servers for $30 per month. Learn more…

At Auradev we offer an inexpensive exchange email redundancy system.  Our servers are located in a secure datacenter with triple redundant power and data.  Our servers ping your exchange email server once a minute to make sure its up.  If it isnt, our servers start archiving all incoming mail.  At the same time our servers continue to monitor the status of your exchange email server.  Once your exchange email server comes back online, our servers automatically begin to deliver all the stored emails.

I would recommend this service as an insurance policy for anyone who is running exchange for email and hosting their server at their office.

For more information, contact AuraDev at 503 830 4313.

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