Good Email Campaigns: Sonar6

Today I received an email that really caught my attention.  It was from a company I had never heard of and it was selling a solution that I have no use for at all.  But it was so well written and executed I just had to showcase it here as an example of EXCELLENT email marketing.

An excellent easy to understand, good looking email advertisement

The email was from Michael J Cardin at Sonar6.  I have no idea who he is, what they do or why I should care. But his well written email sales letter was an excellent introduction to his company.

The subject line: I met expectations: 5 reasons performance management needs to change.

Lets analyze this for a moment.  “I met expectations.”  What a weird thing to say.

But it’s genius – those three words compel the reader to find out more.  It piques my curiosity and does exactly what a subject line is supposed to do.

I think at some level everyone wants to at least “meet expectations”.  How did he meet expectations?  I must read more to find out… brilliant.

The second part – 5 reasons performance management needs to change – also great.  5 reasons can’t possibly take up more than 2 minutes of my time.  I’m interested and he has shown that what he has to say is not going to burn half my morning.

In email marketing the subject line’s job is to get one to open the email.  That is it, no more no less.  I see way too many people with boring subject lines.

In a sea of subject lines, you must write words that will jump off the screen.  Otherwise all your time spent writing your email, designing you email, programming your email and measuring your emails response rate is wasted.

Now on to the actual content.  Michael hits a home run with this as well.  The letter is personal and gets to the point, but its written in a very unique way. Also notice the clear call to action which also immediately diffuses any fears I may have about getting on his list.

I love the graphics, very fresh and interesting.  No corporate blah blah blah here.

Like I said, this campaign is for a product I which I have never had a need for and probably won’t need anytime in the future, but it does an excellent job at providing interesting content in a fun easy to understand way.

After reading the first email, signing up, looking at the website and seeing the second email (part 1 of 5), I clearly understand who they are, what they do and why I should buy their product.  This process took me about 3 minutes.  Great job Sonar6 (or your marketing agency).

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