Email Blasts Not Being Delivered

A common problem for email blast campaigns is that mail ends up getting caught by spam traps.

Here are a couple things you can do to better track response rates.

1. Make sure your site is setup with Google Analytics and use Google Analytics Custom Link Tracking for all links inside your email blasts. This will clearly identify who is coming from each campaign. Proper use of tracking links will help you identify the exact response rate of each campaign. Make sure to identify unique values inside the tracking links for each blast.

2. Make sure to register an email account with as many free email providers (gmail, yahoo, aol, hotmail) and place your email accounts on every list which you send to, so you can double check how messages look and that they are not being blocked to one ISP or another.

3. Make frequent use of the resources at Mx ToolBox to scan your servers IP to make sure that it has not recently been added to a black list. If your IP has become blacklisted, you will need to track down the website of the blacklist and ask to be removed. You can usually find their link and details inside the blacklist report which Mx ToolBox will generate for you

4. Make to send your email from a real domain name. Inside our email blast software configuration, you can define the domain name from which you want to send. Send from a domain name which has a website and is real. You will also want to add a SPF Record in the DNS of the domain you enter, which tells other ISPs that server XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX is authorized to send email on behalf of This step alone can greatly improve results, as IP and Domain are often the first thing checked by spam filters. Generally when emails are sent from an IP, that is a high flag on most spam filters, it is best to us a domain name.

We have found that the best way to avoid messages getting caught as spam is to use a reputable email blast service provider. Although it will be more expensive, it will be worth it as email blasts marketing is with out a doubt the cheapest form of mass advertising available.

After extensive testing of multiple different email blast service providers, we prefer these three US based email service providers.

awebber getresponse streamsend

The links below will provide you with a free trial of their services, so you can see which one fits your needs.

  1. StreamSend – Easy to use, intuitive and not very expensive. They charge based on emails sent, not the size of your list. This is important for people who might send once or twice a month.
  2. Vertical Response – Great for people who need automated email blast campaign followups – where you create a email sales campaign and then send on a time delay (ex. 1 email per day for 7 days.) Vertical Response offers a free trial where you don’t even have to enter your credit card. Excellent free trial opportunity.
  3. GetResponse – For marketers looking for an email blast service provider that provides multi-media capabilities, cross-channel tracking and email blast automation. Not quite as easy to use as StreamSend, but more features. If you want to combine email marketing with social marketing and video, GetResponse has the tools to do the job.

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