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Welcome E-Marketer. Email Blasting (or Email Marketing) can be a fantastic way to connect with customers online.  Email Blasting is especially effective for companies with house email lists.

What is an house email list? It’s simply your customer database.  By collecting the email addresses of your customers you have the ability to cheaply market and cross sell/up sell your products and services

No house email list?  Email Blasting can still be effective, but don’t expect to see huge conversion rates, a 1-2% conversion rate is more likely when using a rented list.

We have had excellent results using StreamSend. While they are not a 100% free email blasting service, they do offer a free 30 day trial and are reasonably priced.

Sending Email Blasts is a fantastic way to reach out to targeted traffic and increase product sales and visits to your website. Before paying for expensive software, we always recommend trying out an email blasting service first.

Why use an email blasting service to send email blasts?

It is pretty easy for your email blast messages to be caught as spam. If that happens, it can cause major problems for you and your customers, often resulting in no email to or from your organization. Often times your ISP will immediately block you if they detect a large volume of emails being sent.

By using StreamSend to send email blasts, you reduce the risk of being flagged as a spammer.

Send Email Blast Free Trial: 30 Days!

StreamSend has built a very easy to use platform that allows you to connect with thousands of customers online through email. Simply upload your email marketing list, create an html letter and send.

The primary benefit of sending email through StreamSend is that a higher percentage of your recipients will actually receive your message. You also have access to Google Analytics tracking to determine your exact response rate. This feature can help you refine and tweak your campaigns for maximum sales.

Professional Bulk Email Marketing

Alternatively, if you are looking for an expert email marketing firm to manage your email blasts, we offer email marketing campaign creation for $500. Our graphic design and marketing team will create a unique email marketing message that matches your website and send it to your mailing list.

Our professional setup includes statistical integration, so that you can see how your email list responds to your message.

Get Started

Interested in professional email blast marketing? Fill out the form below or contact us at 503 830 4313.
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