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If you own or manage an Internet business, you’re probably somewhat knowledgeable about email blasting marketing. That’s where an outsourced company takes your email marketing list and uses their specialized server to connect your message with hundreds or even thousands of your potential customers. This is an effective strategy for business owners who are tired of using their email accounts to handle bulk mailings. It’s also handy after your ISP suddenly blocks your emails after a particularly large bulk mailing.

Email blasting marketing works, but there’s room for improvement. At AuraDev, we’ve partnered with StreamSend to create the ultimate email blasting marketing campaign. We combine professional content, dynamic graphics and integrated statistics from Google Analytics to deliver thousands of prospective customers to your website. Then we can work with you to tweak your message until you’ve maximized your Internet sales.

Why use a service to send your email blast?

The main problem that we encounter with Bulk Email Blasts is a client who is successfully sending out email marketing messages at a small level (a couple hundred) who suddenly gets blocked by their ISP and from that point on can’t send any email. This is a common problem that can be solved by using an Email Blast Server (as opposed to sending hundreds of messages through your outlook or webmail account).

Free 30 Day Email Blast Trial

StreamSend has built a very easy to use platform that allows you to connect with thousands of customers online through email. Simply upload your email marketing list, create an html letter and send.

At AuraDev, we’ve demonstrated to our customers that Email Blasting Marketing works. By using the effective and easy-to-use platform from StreamSend, we show how it can work even better. Using StreamSend ensures that a greater percentage of prospective customers are receiving your message than ever before. Google Analytics confirms these results time after time.

You don’t have to take our word for it. For a limited time, you can use our Email Blasting Marketing on a free trial basis for 30 days. That means you can increase web traffic to your website and convert prospective customers into loyal customers at no cost or obligation to you. Once the 30 days are up, we’re convinced that you’ll agree with us about the effectiveness of this Internet marketing tool. Are you ready to see the results? Then let’s get started!

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