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email blast serverEmail Blasts (also know as Email Marketing, Mass Email, Bulk Email) are a great way to stay in touch with existing customers and cross sell/up sell your products/services to a client base who has already done business with you.  AuraDev provides reliable Email Blast Servers to get your message out.

Low Cost, High Performance Email Blast Servers

If you prefer your own Email Blast Server instead of using an email blast service provider, you have come to the right place. AuraDev offers reliable email blast servers that come with all you need to design, send and mange email blast campaigns. Each server comes with a unique, dedicated IP  address and easy to use list management and response tracking tools.

Our clients typically see a response rate of 3-6% for a well designed and executed Email Blast sent through our Email Blast Server to existing customers.  This is fantastic considering the minimal expense needed to setup and maintain this type of marketing system.

Email Blast Server Features

send html text emailCreate and Send both HTML and TEXT Emails
User-friendly design software lets you create HTML emails with colored text and photos OR plain text emails.  Our email server software will automatically deliver the correct type of message, based on what your mailing list recipients are able to receive.
send-email-newslettersSend for Newsletters, Promotions, Press Releases
Our Email Blast Server is great for newsletters, publicity lists, notifications, and more. You can maintain multiple lists for different purposes.
user friendly email softwareUser Friendly Web Interface
Write and send messages, manage your mailing list and review email blast campaign response statistics.  All inside one easy to use web based interface.
no computer requiredEmails Are Not Sent thru Your ISP
Once a campaign is created and sent, Email Blast Servers do not require your computer.  Our server sends your email messages, so you can work on other important tasks.
unlimited mailing list1,000 000 + subscribers – no problem
Large mailing lists are not a problem with our Email Blast Server, it is designed to manage mailing lists with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.
no duplicate emailsNo duplicate messages. No ‘forgotten’ messages. The server manages message delivery with a message queue, ensuring that every subscriber gets the email message, and that no subscribers receive two copies, even if they’re subscribed to more than one list!
email blast statistical trackingEmail Open/View Statistical Tracking
Quickly see how many users opened your email message. Use the built in statistical tracking to determine the response rate of your email blast campaign and measure which messages are effective.  Great for A/B testing.
click trackingClick Tracking
Track links and URLs within your email blast message to measure response click thru rates. Click Tracking Statistics can be viewed by message, URL or subscriber.
email blast signup formsMultiple Subscribe Pages
Built-in Subscriber and List Management tools allow you to choose and customize different combination of templates, languages, user attributes and lists.
email blast templatesEmail Templates
Completely customizable email templates make site integration a breeze.  Simply design your template using your favorite design program then upload your HTML email templates.  Now you can customize unique content for each message.
custom email database fieldsSubscriber Custom Fields
Attributes like ‘name’, ‘company’, and other personal information, are completely customizable. You can specify what information you need when they users subscribe.
dynamic contentUser Specific Content. You can use Subscriber Attributes in message content to make each and every email message personalized with the subscribers name, country, or any other attribute.
html-editorBuilt-in HTML Editor
HTML Editing software lets you easily edit html messages using FCKeditor. TinyMCE is also available.
Mange your Email Blast Server in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, and Japanese and translation work is in progress for other languages.
email-blast-server-adminMultiple List Administrators
The super-admin can assign lists to Email List Managers, who can manage their users and lists. The super-admin user can ‘prepare’ messages that can be sent by list managers to their lists.
email-list-subscriber-preferencesSubscriber Preferences
Every email message contains personalized URLs for subscribers to update their preferences or unsubscribe. Subscribers can update their own information and keep your database up to date.
email list management toolsUser Management & Bounce Processing
Built-in tools allow you to manage and maintain the quality of a large databases of subscribers.  Bounce Processing keeps your database clean of unused and non-existent email addresses.
email bounceAdvanced Bounce Handling
Teach our Email Blast Server to distinguish between permanent and temporary message-delivery errors. You can define automated actions on receipt of bounce messages according to matches with your regular expressions.
email blast csv importCSV Import and Export.
Use CSV and tab delimited files to import your existing list of users or to export the users from our system for use in your in-house database. Email database has a ‘foreign key’ to help keep multiple copies of databases synchronized without duplicating users.
Upload your attachments and include them in your email blast messages for download.  Great for adding PDF or JPG attachments to your email blasts.
send-web-pageSend a Web page
Input the URL of a web page you want to send to your users, and our server will fetch it and send it. You can even put subscriber-specific parameters in the URL.
email-blast-rssRSS feeds
Automate your email blast campaign with RSS Feed integration. RSS Feeds can be automatically sent to a mailing list weekly, daily, or monthly.
email pdfPDF Archive / View as PDF
Messages can be automatically created and sent as attachments to ensure that your message is seen the way it was designed by all your subscribers, regardless of their email message reader.
email blast scheduled sendDomain ThrottlingScheduled Sending
Automatically limit the number of emails to specific domains to keep on the friendly side of their system administrators.  Scheduled Sending allows you to create a message and tell the email server when the message is to be sent.
text email blastText from HTML
Text email messages are managed fluently, our email blast software will automatically create a text version of an html message. Optionally the message composer can create it manually.

email blast server

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