Email Archiving

Email Archiving is an important feature that is a must-have if there is any chance of your company being involved in any type of litigation.

By default, email servers will not archive all inbound or outbound messages.  If your email server does not explicitly say it archives all email – it doesn’t.

Because of the resources needed to archive the thousands of emails your company gets on a daily basis, a good email archiving system can be expensive.

One solution that works well for small companies is Rackspace Email Apps.  This service will archive all incoming and outgoing email sent. Its designed to help your company comply with even the most strict industry retention regulations and includes tools to monitor email policy adherence.

You will be able to:

  • Capture and index all of your organization’s email and attachments in a centralized repository
  • Store email in a redundant and secure data centers, creating a reliable, offsite backup
  • Identify specific emails and attachments quickly through a search interface using parameters such as date range, sender, recipient, subject and content
  • Place search results on litigation hold to preserve messages beyond their retention periods

The best part about this service is that you get the same level of 24×7 fanatical support that Rackspace offers with all of their servers. Once it’s setup, the system will run on autopilot and will be there in the event you need to recover an old email.

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Published: January 21st, 2009 by Chris Chong | Categories: Web Hosting | Tags: email host, email hosting, email servers, emails, mail server
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