Constant Contact Review

When choosing an email marketing company, you’ll want to review multiple services providers.

Constant Contact is one of the most well known email marketing companies. Many of our clients use them and we build campaigns in Constant Contact all the time, but in our opinion they are not the best choice for “do it yourself” email marketing.

Get a 60 day free trial of Constant Contact and other great email marketing companies:

Email Service Provider Free Trial Offer Overall Rating
Free Email Blast Vertical Response
30 Day free trial, no credit card to try
Plans from $10/month
Easiest system to use, also does surveys
Pay for emails sent (good for large lists)
Rating: ★★★★★
Free Email Marketing Service iContact
30 Day free trial, no credit card to try
Plans from $10/month
Excellent stats and integration
Pay by list size (good for frequent senders)
Rating: ★★★★☆
StreamSend Email Blast StreamSend
30 Day free trial, no credit card to try
Plans from $20/month
Good for both beginner and experts
Pay for messages sent (good for large lists)
Rating: ★★★★☆
Free Email Blast for Small Business Constant Contact
60 Day free trial
Lots of great looking templates
Great for beginners
Pay by list size (good for frequent senders)
Rating: ★★★☆☆

Our Review of Constant Contact

Overall, we rate Constant Contact the worst of the top email marketing companies above. That isn’t to say that they aren’t good or that they won’t meet your needs. We just prefer the others for a couple key reasons.

The reasons we do not like Constant Contact:
1) Customization – It is extremely difficult to customize both the opt-in forms for your website and the thank you pages without going very deep into code and programming world. The average person will probably be unable to customize the way the opt-in forms look.

Further, it is difficult to use custom templates inside Constant Contact. As a do it yourself email marketer this probably isn’t a big deal. But as a design firm building custom templates for our clients this is a nightmare. It takes upwards of four hours to program a custom template inside Constant Contact.

2) Statistics – The statistical tracking of email campaigns sent through Constant Contact is not all that great. Basic info is provided, but it’s difficult to get per-user type data or integrate with other web analytic software.

3) Marketing Automation – Constant Contact is really more of an “email newsletter company”.
We think they lack the sophisticated tools needed to really do a good job of email marketing – specifically sequenced messaging like auto-responders or drip sequences.

Things we do like about Constant Contact:

1) Lots of good looking templates – If you stick to their templates, it is pretty easy to create a campaign and send it – even if you are not so great with computers. They have a lot of good looking templates – but so does everyone else

2) Inexpensive – if you are just getting started and simply want to maintain a list of people who you send a monthly e-newsletter to, then Constant Contact is a good choice.

3) Good documentation – they have very robust instructions and user manuals so you can learn how to use their system. Everything seems to be well documented.

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