Comcast Email Blast

Email Blasts (also know as Email Marketing, Mass Email, Bulk Email) is a great way to bring in targeted traffic to your website. People sending out large email blasts may receive a nasty surprise when Comcast starts blocking their outbound emails. If you can’t send email through Comcast or all your messages get flagged as spam, you won’t be able to get any benefit from an Email Blast Campaign.

Comcast Doesnt Like Email Blasts

The main problem that we encounter with Email Blasts is a client who is successfully sending out email marketing messages at a small level (a couple hundred) who suddenly gets blocked by their ISP and can no longer send. This is a common problem that can be solved by using an Email Blast Server (as opposed to sending hundreds of messages through your outlook or webmail account).

Free 30 Day Email Blast Trial

StreamSend has built a very easy to use platform that allows you to connect with thousands of customers online through email. Simply upload your email marketing list, create an html letter and send.

The primary benefit of sending email through StreamSend is that a higher percentage of your recipients will actually receive your message. You also have access to Google Analytics tracking to determine your exact response rate. This feature can help you refine and tweak your campaigns for maximum sales.

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